Nature is the inspiration with all of my artwork. Being in nature simply brings me peace and I strive to bring that feeling back into the studio when creating my paintings.

For the last 10 years I've been focused on creating the illusion of depth within my landscapes. It is my hope that the viewer is invited "into" the picture to explore and keep discovering new things within the layers. In my current series of work I paint botanical forms in between layers of 2 part epoxy resin and thin glazes of oil paint. With each semitransparent layer, the background recedes, creating the illusion of space, while revealing the history within the painting. 

While I often times have a loose idea of the direction I'd like to go when starting a painting, it is very much through the process of working that the art informs and reveals itself. It is a balance of source materials coming directly from my observations of nature and intuitive mark making. The act of painting is meditative and I can often times channel the subconscious. By accessing these parts within myself, it is both healing and restoring to bring forth what is there.